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Dash Text Truly Covers the Needs of the Third World to the First World Countries

Reasons You Should Use Dash Text to Send and Receive Dash by Texting

When you can send and receive Dash by simply texting, why would anybody need a smartphone? Yeah, you heard it right you don’t need a smartphone to send the Dash Text. Every time one sender receives a text message on the Dash text, which is an SMSM wallet, you can earn Dash.

This is a groundbreaking solution which comes with unique qualities:

  • No need to download a wallet
  • It is an unbanked service
  • Caters to the low-income group too
  • It smoothly works even in poor data reception areas
  • This smart solution is currently available in 5 countries and via Telegram

It’s equally needed in the 1st world countries:

The service scope of this solution is not limited to the above points. It can greatly benefit those in the 1st world countries and can compel them to switch to Dash Text with its excellence. Here are the reasons to consider it:

  • Seamless, effortless, efficient onboarding: In the fast-paced world where remembering 12 digit word seed, or to have the patience to go through the entire of downloading the wallet, syncing process, or clarity on how the address system work; is quite tiresome.

Dash Text invitation skips all the tiresome job and gets you going with a simple reply- ‘Start.’ Yes, it is that simple. You can extend your invitation in your family, friends, and known group and initiate anybody into the world of Dash within a few seconds.

  • Flawless wallet: There is no need for depending on any other text service; instead, you can simply use Dash Text to talk and to make regular transactions. Reports reveal that the number of users in the States has increased due to the natural ease Dash Text offers to its users, making it a natural choice of many.

In an official announcement made by Lorenzo Rey, Dash Text Co-Founder, Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Crypto enthusiast, he explained:

If you live in the United States, Venezuela, Brazil, or Spain, and you have not tried Dash Text out, I highly encourage you to do so, even if you have a smartphone, I am sure you will find the service extremely useful, fast, and simple, a perfect fit for Sash Digital Cash, and you will be able to get a lot of people on the Dash Train by using it.

Further, reports reveal that the USA has become the second-highest country with the highest Dash Text Usage. The number 1 spot is occupied by Venezuela.

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