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NBC Sports takes over Amazon Prime, new GolfPass Subscription Service to be introduced

NBC Sports takes over Amazon Prime, new GolfPass Subscription Service to be introduced

The Golf Channel NBC Sports’ is making a contract with Rory Mcllroy a four-time major champion in order to launch a subscription service that will allow customers one round of golf per month along with instructional videos for more than 4,000 hours and also concessions at clubs and resorts.

NBC is officially going to launch GolfPass on Tuesday which will cost around $9.99 a month, or you can pay $99 every year. The GolfPass is basically developed for people who play golf however can use extra incentive to knock the link.

The recent attempt of the NBC’s is to look for income besides the regular pay TV bundle by venturing with a direct to consumer subscription. Although Netflix like features have been incorporated into GofPass and is much similar to the Amazon Prime, Will McIntosh, the executive vice president of Golf Channel stated during a press preview in New York on Monday. The objective is to motivate enthusiast to play more of golf along with offering them with the viewing options.

It is something like, for me, similar to Golf Channel 2.0, McIlroy mentioned at a press review on Monday. If you intend to start a golf business, you possibly won’t do it with a 24-7 TV station or a network similar to just what had happened 25 years back.

The package is added with a round of golf every month at one out of 7,000 global golf courses which are associated with the online booking company GolfNow; the NBCUniversal again purchases GolfNow. They will collect dozens of golf balls from TaylorMade, TaylorMade provides various equipment to McIlroy along with various discounts on apparel, golf resorts, and devices.

There will be no live broadcasting of events on the app GolfPass with registered rounds and above 4,000 on-demand videos of instruction consisting of various videos from McIlroy and of his coach, Michael Bannon which will be accessible to the subscribers.

The premium membership of GolfPass will cost you around $199 every year which come with additional features like cancellation, protection, waived booking fees and a bit more discounts.

Tiger Woods and Discover both declared to a media partnership during November using GolfTV which is purchased by Discover that GolfTV is basically designed to provide the audience with behind the scenes access of Woods along with instructive videos of the 14-time major champion. The PGA player of the year during the time 2012 and 2014 was McIlroy and not quite a fan like an approach. McIlroy further said that he observed more cameras than usual that were following Woods during a tournament that was held a week back and he discovered them to be a bit curious.

When I am at the golf tournament I am 100 percent present over there, McIlroy mentioned. There are some limits to this as well. If you need, I will give more information, but I am focusing on winning more golf tournaments and connecting my legacy by winning the greatest tournaments in the world.

McIlroy is offering autobiographical videos and instructive for the golf pass and will be able to host an elite GolfPass podcast along with Carson Daly, which he believes to be launched once a month. Meanwhile, he stated that the contributions of services that he is going to do would not impact his training routine or his play.

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