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People Buy Lingerie by Paying through Bitcoin

One of the most technophile ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day might be when one purchases lingerie and pays for it with Bitcoin. Lila Williams who is the founder of said in one interview that since the time she has started accepting payment in the form of Bitcoin there have been quite a lot of payments made through Bitcoin per month. March 2017 was when she first began accepting Bitcoin and since then many people have started paying with Bitcoin because of which this year’s Valentine’s Day she is planning to give offers to people who shop through her website.

She is organizing a campaign this season where she will be offering people who make payments through Bitcoin 15% off on their purchase as well as a pair of free lace panties.

Even though some people might be unenthusiastic about spending their cryptocurrencies for apparels, some appreciators usually look at buying these same as buying jewellery especially when it comes to lingerie. They believe it is a type of investment which is in form of a fine piece of artistry.

Rebecca Migrov, currently the CEO of Kala, a lingerie company said that in a broader aspect this industry is witnessing a revolution that is led by women with respect to the product. She also says that if you want to support the adoption of cryptocurrency the customers should show that there is demand for it in the market.

To show that they support the digital currency adoption, Rick Shaddock who is the member of the Digital Currency Association told that he bought panties for his wife by using Bitcoin that he got when the cryptocurrency market was at its peak in December 2017. He said he bought it for their anniversary since there is no fluctuation in lacy lingerie.

In a statement, Rick Shaddock said, “It turned out to be a wise exchange because BTC went down 80 per cent. Panties were a much better investment than bitcoin in 2018.”

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