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DoD and SpaceX Looking to Launch Falcon Heavy on June 24

Falcon Heavy NASA

SpaceX remains one of the most exciting companies in the world, due to the large strides it has made in the world of space exploration. However, its collaboration with the Department of Defense has been a big part of the progress, which has been able to make over the past few years. The company’s high capacity rocket known simply as the Falcon Heavy has been one of the most ambitious projects that the company undertook over the past few years, and it is all set to be launched this month as part of the latest mission.

The mission is a highly complicated one, and according to the announcement made by NASA, the SET payloads that are being hosted by Air Force Defence Science and Technology Group is also going to be on board of the Falcon Heavy. In addition to that, the Falcon Heavy is also going to be equipped with as many as four different types of hardware, and the sole purpose of that move is to see how the rocket can perform under trying conditions. Nicky Fox, who is the Division Director of Heliophysics at NASA stated

We don’t want to be launching a battleship when a dinghy will do — these will help us look at the right kind of materials” and how best to configure them when designing tools and instruments for space-based use.

NASA also released a blog with regards to this particular launch and described in detail how the whole thing is going to be conducted. In the blog post, NASA stated,

A Falcon Heavy rocket will lift off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida with about two dozen satellites aboard, including four NASA missions. The NASA technology demonstrations and science missions will help improve future spacecraft design and performance.

If the launch proves to be successful, then it would be a major coup for Elon Musk’s space company and could eventually pave the way for the company to become one of the biggest players in space research.

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