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Facebook Plans to Include Extra Account Security Features Next Year

Facebook Plans to Include Extra Account Security Features Next Year

Facebook has been subject to data breaches in the past quite a few times. Since then, they have taken necessary measures to prevent such mishaps from happening further. Facebook continues to be proactive, and consequently, they declared on Tuesday to introduce more account security features. 

Facebook would allow users to add up physical security keys for themselves as a means of identity verification for logging into the Facebook mobile application. This would improve the app’s security and might reduce instances of data theft and hacking.

Currently, users only have the provision to punch in a hardware security key before logging into the Facebook app via a desktop computer. Users can procure the hardware key from retailers and register the key with Facebook. This information was earlier reported by news website Axios, which has now been confirmed by Facebook.

Facebook Protect, Facebook’s special security program, is currently available to VIPs, politicians, government agencies, and election staff in the US. Facebook Protect allows such users to set up additional security measures in the form of two-factor authentication and real-time monitoring of hacking threats to protect their Facebook accounts from data breaches and hacking attempts.

However, starting next year, Facebook now plans to expand its exclusive security program Facebook Protect to more diverse accounts worldwide.

Once the new account security features are rolled out next year, regular users like journalists and human rights activists would also be able to protect their Facebook accounts from hackers and cyber-exploiters.

The decision to launch new security features came after the Twitter accounts of President-elect Joe Biden, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk being hacked in July this year.

Currently, Facebook users only have the provision to use a strong password and set up two-factor authentication to protect their social account from hackers. Facebook also provides detailed guidelines regarding reviewing page roles and permissions. Additionally, Facebook also provides additional guidelines and tips like avoiding accepting friends requests from unknown people and avoiding clicking malicious links to prevent hacking attacks.

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